New entrance and exit

  • Posted on Tuesday, June 16, 2015

In the spring of 2015, we built our own connection road that connects the Westeinde in Enkhuizen to the Veilingweg in Bovenkarspel, via CNB Refrigeration and Cooling Company. This road ensures that we do not cause nuisance on the Westeinde anymore, where our company is located. In order to realise this road, we sought cooperation with CNB, where our company uses several rooms to process and store flower bulbs. During the last couple of years, the level of traffic on the Westeinde has increased significantly, which is why we felt obliged to find a solution for this.

Freight traffic is grateful to make use of this road and is glad that this friendly solution allows them to be less confronted with the non-ideal traffic situation on the Westeinde. Culverts had to be installed in two ditches in order to prevent blockage of the watercourse. This connection road ensures that we are now easily accessible from the N302 as well.