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Jan de Wit en Zonen B.V. is often called the inventor of mutations. Mutations have exactly the same characteristics as the original variety and are completely identical, just like F1 hybrids. The only difference is the colour or the shape. Examples of mutations that we have selected ourselves are the mutation series of Prominence, Spring Green, and Mariette. The newest mutations that we grow are Strong Love and Strong Fire, which are mutations of Strong Gold. We also grow Love Flight, which is a mutation of Yellow Flight.

We have developed a limited number of tulip hybrids, of which our biggest success was Superstar. We have recently introduced the unique Magic series, which is made up of the tulip varieties Pink Magic, Love Magic, White Magic, and Twilight Magic. For the sake of completeness, we would like to mention that these varieties are not mutations, but hybrids instead.

Together with five tulip growers from the Noordoostpolder (English: North-East Polder) and J.P. Snoek en Zn. hybridisation and selection company, we are part of a breeders’ association called Tuliko. We have hybridised many new varieties with this group, which we export exclusively. Examples of these varieties are Red Label, Marrero, Red Light, China Girl, Baracuda, and Cartago.


In 1960, we successfully promoted the introduction of iris Blue Magic. This is still our most important iris variety in cultivation and export, and Blue Magic is also very popular on the world market.


When it comes to lilies, we are proud of our hybridisation with the exclusive and unique double Oriental Double Surprise. This was the first double Oriental lily ever. New double Orientals were hybridised from this variety, such as Snowboard, Accolade, Magic Princess, and Waverider.