• Field inspection

    Field inspection

  • Arrival inspection

    Arrival inspection

  • Ready for shipment

    Ready for shipment

  • Test greenhouse

    Test greenhouse

  • Sample box for arrival inspection in receiving country

    Sample box for arrival inspection in receiving country


Your bulbs are inspected during various stages of the process. This starts with the choice of a supplier. We only work with carefully selected quality suppliers with whom we have usually worked with for many years and sometimes even multiple generations, in order to supply you with the best bulbs. We do not only check the bulbs, but also the plants on the land of the supplier. The plants are tested on various aspects, including viruses, the general condition and the planting density.

After the bulbs have arrived at our company, they are inspected carefully and very strictly. This happens in a separate part of the company to ensure that possible diseases cannot be transferred. Furthermore, we link the lots to an internal stock number with a bar code in order to follow the bulbs during the next steps of the process.

Lily bulbs are rinsed after the quality inspection by means of a shower. Some lots are also rinsed in a washing drum or on a conveyor belt. After this, bulbs of every stock number are inspected by the Flower Bulb Inspection Service. After they have been approved, the bulbs are certified. Then the lily bulbs are processed, which means that they are disinfected and packed in cases with approved and RHP-certified soil. If they have been checked, rinsed, disinfected and packed, the lily bulbs are frozen in special cooling rooms. The locations in these cooling rooms also have a bar code, so that we know exactly where your bulbs are.

Your bulbs are inspected for the last time just before we ship them to you. We also inspect the state and settings of the containers before they are loaded to check if there are no defects. We only use reefer containers that are ATO-certified and therefore comply with the highest quality standards for containers, because we want to be sure that your bulbs are shipped under the best possible conditions. We often place temperature and humidity recorders in the container, so that both you and we can check after arrival if the conditions during transport have been good.

We visit our customers throughout the year to inspect the growing and flowering results of our supplied bulbs. We consider good after sales service very important and do our utmost best to prevent and solve any problems that may arise.

We separate 20 bulbs of every lily stock number that is shipped to our customers and plant them in our own test greenhouse. These lily bulbs are planted in two parts: 10 bulbs in February and 10 in August. We also plant samples of tulips in our test greenhouse. This allows us to check the growing results of our bulbs and our temperature treatments, which we can use as a reference test towards our customers. Furthermore, it gives us a lot of information on the growing characteristics of new varieties and on the treatments.