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Our company was founded by Jan de Wit in 1922, and was located in Bovenkarspel at the time. In the beginning, the company only grew vegetables and potatoes, but in 1925 they started growing tulips as well. The tulip business became a success and flower bulbs quickly became the sole focus of the company.

At first, our flower bulbs were only sold in the Netherlands, but in 1951 the first bulbs were exported to Germany and Sweden. This was the beginning of the export, which is now the biggest activity of our company. The company grew larger and more help was needed to manage everything. That is why all seven sons of Jan de Wit joined the company in 1952.

The company continued to grow and the location in Bovenkarspel became too small. In 1957, the company moved to Enkhuizen, where we are still located. This location was big enough to build sufficient facilities to meet the growing demand for our flower bulbs. Our bulbs also became popular outside of Europe. In 1962, our bulbs were exported to Japan for the first time, and we still supply our bulbs to this particular customer.

Our flower bulb assortment was expanded with lily bulbs in 1983. This cultivation developed quickly after the introduction of Orientals such as Casablanca and Le Reve, and there was a growing demand for lilies from Japanese customers. The export of lily bulbs turned out to be a good move, because they are now one of our biggest export products.

Japan was not the only country outside of Europe that had a demand for our bulbs. China and Taiwan followed in the 1980s. Later, Russia, the United States, Canada, and Mexico could also be added to the list, and nowadays we export our bulbs to more than twenty countries. It is our goal to obtain and maintain a substantial market share with widespread sales in the countries in which we operate, in order to become an important market party.

In 1995, the company was transferred to the third De Wit generation. Nine grandsons of our founder are currently working at the company, and they are involved in different activities.

  • Celebration of our 90th anniversary

  • Introduction of our new company style

  • Introduction of mobile website

  • Known Consignor Airfreight

  • AEO certification

  • We become a member of tulip breeding association Tuliko

  • Participant in the Keukenhof exhibition for the first time

  • Royal decoration from the Dutch Queen awarded to Mr S.G. de Wit, who was a member of the board of directors of Jan de Wit en Zonen B.V. for more than 25 years

  • Introduction of barcode scanning system for tracking and tracing products in our warehouse

  • Our Mr Harm Groot is awarded the Colourful Yunnan Friendship Award 2006 by the Chinese province Yunnan

  • Start of export to Russia

  • Opening of the test greenhouse especially for lilies

  • Introduction of Microsoft Dynamics Navision ERP system

  • Introduction of the website www.jandewitenzonen.com

  • Obtainment of MPS-A certificate

  • Name giving ceremony of the tulip Monica, named after Sister Monica de Wit of the Sister Augustinessen of the City of God, daughter of our founder Jan de Wit

  • New office and warehouse/storage facilities

  • Celebration of our 75th anniversary

  • Winner of the China Traders Award for the successful introduction of tulips, handed out by the Vice Minister of Economy

  • Name giving ceremony for tulip 'Hermitage' at the famous Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg in Russia

  • Company passed on to the third generation

  • First time harvesting tulip and iris bulbs in net machine on the clay soil

  • Participant in the Third China National Flower Fair

  • Winner of the Silver tulip at the Westfriese Flora flower exhibition for the first time

  • Start of export to Norway

  • New warehouse and cooling facilities

  • Start of export to Taiwan

  • Introduction of new computer system ABM Microlegger

  • First tulip bulbs shipped to China

  • Participation in the 50th Westfriese Flora flower exhibition

  • Start of the lily business

  • Winner of the Silver Boat at the Westfriese Flora Flower exhibition for the first time

  • Passing away of our founder Jan de Wit

  • Start of export to Finland

  • Winning the gold medal at the Floriade exhibition, handed out by Queen Juliana

  • Establishment of the production company in Anna Paulowna

  • Introduction of iris Blue Magic

  • Start of export to Japan

  • The company moves from Bovenkarspel to Enkhuizen

  • All seven sons join the company

  • Start of export to Germany and Sweden

  • Introduction of tulip Prominence

  • Establishment of / first participation in the 'Westfriese Flora' flower exhibition

  • First tulips and irises are grown

  • Start of the company as vegetable and potato grower