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By Appointment to the Court of the Netherlands

  • Размещено в пятница, 1 апреля 2022 г.

Last Friday we were honoured to receive the honorary title ‘By Appointment to the Court of the Netherlands’. His Majesty King Willem-Alexander himself has decided to grant our company this title and the right to display the Royal Coat of Arms accompanied by the phrase ‘By Appointment to the Court of the Netherlands’.

This honorary title is given to a select number of Dutch companies who hold a prominent place in their region and their sector, and are at least 100 years old. As a rule, the title is presented on the occasion of a special anniversary, in our case the 100th anniversary. It represents our focus on quality and long-term relationships with our clients, suppliers, and staff.

We would like to thank everyone involved with our company that helped us reach this milestone. Thank you!