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Tulips under plastic in bloom

  • Fecha del mensaje viernes, 31 de marzo de 2017

Now that spring’s warm temperatures have started, the first tulips have started to bloom. The fields in the pictures have been covered with a layer of plastic foil in December. This foil allows the tulips to reach an earlier flowering period, so that the bulbs can be used earlier in the winter. This way, the flowering date is brought forward by four weeks. The pictures show White Prince, Red Label, and World’s Favourite, among others. A part of the plastic was taken off yesterday. When the plastic has been taken off, the crops can be selected. After this, the tops of the flowers are cut off. During this process, a machine drives across the fields that removes all of the flowers. In doing so, the harvest, which takes place in June, will start approximately two weeks earlier than the harvest of the tulips that grow under normal circumstances.